WiN Global, a not-for-profit organization, currently has around 25,000 members including national chapters’ members and individuals from 102 countries and is still growing. Membership includes women working professionally in medicine and health care, in regulatory authorities, in industry and as independent researchers. The members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public. Men are very welcome to join.

  • WiN Australia is the local chapter of Women in Nuclear Global (WiN Global), an international organisation which supports and encourages women working in applications of nuclear science, engineering and technology throughout the world.



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    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Women in Nuclear Australia was held on 22nd November 2018.  A number of items were discussed at the meeting including past and present events.

    The new committee for 2018-2019 was elected comprising:

    President and Public Officer: Joanne Lackenby
    Vice- President: Jasmin Diab
    Treasurer: Jasmin Craufurd-Hill
    Committee Members: Kaitlyn Toole, Lillian Caruana, Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio

    Pictured:  Jo Lackenby and Jasmin Craufurd-Hill – remaining photos pending

    Joanne Lackenby Jasmin Craufurd-Hill

    If you want to contact us please email us at winaustralia@gmail.com