WiN Global, a not-for-profit organization, currently has around 25,000 members including national chapters’ members and individuals from 102 countries and is still growing. Membership includes women working professionally in medicine and health care, in regulatory authorities, in industry and as independent researchers. The members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public. Men are very welcome to join.

  • Promoting diversity in nuclear through networking, advocating for women in nuclear, and informing the nuclear debate.

  • WiN Global Conference 2017

    Nuclear and dragons - what everyone wants to see Beijing 2017

    On 28 August to 1 September 2017, Jo Lackenby, Katrina Van de Ven and Jasmin Craufurd-Hill were among 350 delegates from 32 countries who met in Beijing, China under the theme ‘Women, Nuclear, Cooperation and Harmony’ for the WiN Global Annual Conference.

    Beijing Conference delegates

    WiN Global 2017 highlighted the need for its members to continue communicating the benefits of nuclear energy to the wider public in order to oppose increasing efforts by the anti-nuclear community to eliminate this source of clean energy from countries’ energy portfolios. While this message came at a time when there was a decline in nuclear in some countries (e.g. Germany, Japan, Switzerland , Korea) other countries (e.g. UAE, China, Russia, UK) are embracing nuclear .

    Participants were able to undertake technical tours to the Centre of Excellence on Nuclear Security, the CAP 1400 Project and the HTGR reactor in Rongcheng and the AP1000 Project in Haiyang.

    New AP1000 nuclear power reactors Beijing 2017


    In addition, a packed social program included visits to the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palace as well as the Big Show at the Beijing Liyuan Theater.


    WiNners at the Imperial Palace Beijing 2017