WiN Australia is one of 42 national, international and regional chapters of Women In Nuclear Global, a not-for-profit organization.

WiN members include people working professionally in medicine and health care, in regulatory authorities, in industry and as independent researchers. The members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public. People of all genders are very welcome to join.

If you want to contact us please email [email protected].

News and Events

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WiN Australia Committee 2022-2023

We are thrilled to introduce the WiN Committee for 2022-2023! Jasmin Diab Patricia Gadd Stephanie Cole Cathy Moloney President Vice President & Public Officer Secretary Treasurer Lillian Caruana Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio Kath Smith Kaitlyn Toole Tina Read more…

WiN Australia 2022 Annual Report

WiN Australia are proud to present our Annual Report for 2022 – click the link below to read the full document and learn about that WiN Australia has been doing.