WiN Global, a not-for-profit organization, currently has around 25,000 members including national chapters’ members and individuals from 102 countries and is still growing. Membership includes women working professionally in medicine and health care, in regulatory authorities, in industry and as independent researchers. The members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public. Men are very welcome to join.

  • Promoting diversity in nuclear through networking, advocating for women in nuclear, and informing the nuclear debate.

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    WiN Australia scores Science Week Grant

    WiN Australia have been awarded an Inspiring Australia NSW National Science Week grant.

    We are looking forward to delivering a webinar series on topics such as: understanding radiation; nuclear and radiological applications; nuclear energy and careers in nuclear. The webinars will allow participants to learn about nuclear applications and technologies, how they benefit society today, and the potential benefits for the future. The webinars will be interactive with questions welcomed.

    Stay tuned for all the details soon!

    More details of all the grant recipients can be found here.

    WiN Australia informs the nuclear debate

    The WiN Australia Executive Committee have been busy on behalf of members, preparing submissions to and testifying at various parliamentary inquiries in recent months.

    Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities (Prohibitions) Repeal Bill 2019

    The inquiry into the Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities (Prohibitions) Repeal Bill 2019 was held by the NSW Government.  WiN Australia made a submission to this inquiry and President Dr Jo Lackenby and Committee Member Dr Kath Smith were invited to provide testimony at a public hearing.  The report of this inquiry is now available.

    Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia

    The Federal Government held the Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia.  WiN Australia again provided both a submission (No. 154) and invited testimony to this inquiry.  The report of this inquiry has been issued, citing the submission and testimony of WiN Australia a number of times.

    Inquiry into Nuclear Prohibition

    WiN Australia has also provided a submission to the Victorian Government’s Inquiry into nuclear prohibition.

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