Gender Equity and Networking with ANSTO personnel

During November as part of the value of “trust and respect” the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) has run a number of sessions on Gender Equity.One of these events was a women’s networking lunch held on 13th November 2015. Many members of Women in Nuclear Australia are employees of ANSTO.ANSTO has a female workforce that comprises approximately 29% of the total workforce.As a way for women to create more contacts with each other, ANSTO held a lunch, sponsored by the CEO Dr Adi Paterson, on Friday 13th November to help “strengthen women’s networks”.All female staff on the site were invited to attend and over 130 (plus a few children) attended and connected. This was a chance for many of the women who don’t know each other or may work in isolation to make new networks.

But they worked for their lunch, answering questions around challenges they face, the kinds of events they want to see and what equity means to them.As part of the day, all attendees were able to sign up to Women in Nuclear which has resulted in more than 60 new members for Women in Nuclear Australia.

Those in attendance also had an opportunity to meet and listen to Kate Aitken, Managing Director, Human Capital Management for Asia Pacific at Goldman Sachs who has been involved in their successful gender equity programs for many years.She is a member of Chief Executive Women and was an implementation leader for the CEO of Goldman Sachs in Australia in the Male Champions of Change program.

Women in Nuclear Australia will be working with the ANSTO Gender Equity team in 2016 to deliver a program of mentoring and networking events to further strengthen the professional development and opportunities for the women in Australia who work in nuclear.

L-R Jo Lackenby (WiN Australia President), Samantha Arkapaw (ANSTO Gender Equity Team, WiN member), Karen Wolfe (ANSTO Gender Equity Team, WiN member), Kate Aitken (Managing Director Goldman Sachs).

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