National Science Week 2022 is behind us, and it was a huge week for WiN Australia across our social media platforms! But if you missed some of the content, do not fear – we will link to all of it below for you to catch up on.

Some amazing WiN Australia members prepared videos on their favourite nuclear and radiological applications. From research into our distant past to potential power sources of the future, a huge range of these applications were covered. You can catch up on all the videos here – and remember WiN Australia’s YouTube channel has an ever-growing collection of great content.

WiN Australia also hosted our first ever Twitter take-over during National Science Week. Each day, one of Australia’s amazing women in nuclear took over our account, sharing their journey in nuclear and giving us some insight into their day-to-day lives. Check out all the content from Carol Azzam Mackay, Tina Baradaran, Lenka Kollar, Stephanie McCready and Jessica Veliscek Carolan now!

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