WiN Global, a not-for-profit organization, currently has around 25,000 members including national chapters’ members and individuals from 102 countries and is still growing. Membership includes women working professionally in medicine and health care, in regulatory authorities, in industry and as independent researchers. The members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public. Men are very welcome to join.

  • Promoting diversity in nuclear through networking, advocating for women in nuclear, and informing the nuclear debate.

  • WiN Global Conference 2016

    ‘Powering Generations’ was the theme of the 2016 WiN Global Annual Conference, hosted for the first time in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi on 20-23 November 2016.  Delegates were challenged by plenary themes such as ‘do you have to be from a ‘STEM’ background to become successful in the nuclear industry?’ in the home of one of the world’s newest nuclear programs.

    Conference delegates Abu Dhabi 2016

    56 countries were represented by 700 delegates – a change for many who were used to being the only woman in the room!  However, they were reminded that putting one woman in a control room may not work to change culture. Men seem to be delighted when they have a woman working with them, but one woman among several men may not change culture and help increase diversity and teamwork – multiple women are often needed.

    A conference session Abu Dhabi 2016

    As part of the technical program delegates had the opportunity to visit the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant.  ANSTO’s Rebecca Moore and Kylie Olufson presented posters to the conference attendees.

    Kylie and Rebecca with their posters Abu Dhabi 2016